Artist Statement

BORN: Brooklyn, New York, 1952

RAISED: Washington, DC Metro Area

LIVE / WORK: Long Beach (Los Angeles) CA

EDUCATION: BFA, San Francisco Art Institute, 1991

SFAI Alumni

MARITAL STATUS: Married & Divorced Once, No Children


Vegan Organic Environmentalist Pacifist Rocker

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I am a painter...a dinosaur on the verge of extinction. I have never played a video game. I do not think a relationship is built on communicating through text messages. I am childless so I will never have to wrestle with the fact that I am engaged in meaningful conversation with my children for only 3 1/2 minutes a week. I have not spent 9 years of my life watching television. And when I go to an art museum I spend more than 30 seconds viewing each painting.

The central theme of my art is the symbiotic relationship between icons and culture. The unlikely exhibition alliance in 2010 between the monolith Guggenheim Museum and the social networking goliath YouTube is a classic example of the ways in which icons and culture inform and transform one another.

As electronic media and art continues to reshape our world, will we no longer need galleries? Will people choose to visit museums online and on their phones rather than in person? Will this unlikely alliance lead to the ultimate demise of galleries and museums?

After all... there’s an app for that.

The Vision...I did not choose to paint. Painting chose me. I was called to paint in a non drug-induced mystical vision. Although I had no experience as a painter, the vision was so compelling, I immediately answered the call. At the time I had a lucrative business as a freelance photographer. Life had other plans for me.

Who can argue with the Universe?

Influences...He had been dead four years when Giorgio de Chirico and I first met. We were introduced at the Museum of Modern Art, New York in 1982 during his retrospective. Mesmerized by his metaphysical landscapes, de Chirico came to be my neighbor in the metaphysical community of mind. I realized I must paint.

I have yet to meet Eric Fischl but I know we would have much in common. His voyeuristic pictures of suburban life riddled with sexual repression both disturbed and intrigued me. His choice of subject matter gave me the courage to put on canvas observations about society which I could only communicate through painting.

Myth & Transformation: The Symbiotic Relationship
between Culture and Its Myths, Archetypes, and Symbols

My work examines and explores the archetypes, symbols, and icons of popular culture to reveal what I term the "collective neuroses" of our society. Neurotic individuals and by extension societies, are stuck in outmoded thought processes. Rather than grow in response to change they seek to control their environment.

Science and technology has permanently altered how we as a society perceive ourselves. If God is random and the universe chaotic then the prevalent myths and symbols are meaningless and inadequate. Reliance on Christian symbolism and concepts denies the validity of alternate modes of being in the world.

Barbie & Ken
The failure of society to develop a meaningful masculine and feminine archetype results in abnormal behavior in regard to body image and sexual identity. Barbie and Ken as icons represent a meaningless and false ideal of perfection to which no one can relate but many aspire.

Unlike many religions, Christianity bestows upon believers dominion over all living things. As the supreme ruler created in God's image we deplete the Earth to benefit ourselves without regard for future generations. Life has become another commodity in the consumerism mentality. The sanctity and meaning of life is gone.

I believe there is no single truth. We must each create our own truth and live that truth daily. Born with these paintings inside me, I am here to release them into the universe.

Painting is my Truth.